Terms and Conditions

Terms of use

  1. All customers who purchase TICKETNAUTA acknowledge the limitations set forth in these Terms of Use.
  2. All sales made by the system are final, Can not accept: cancellations, changes or refunds.
  3. TICKETNAUTA does not send tickets at home. The hours of telephone attention will be from 8 am to 6 pm from Monday to Friday. Saturdays and Sundays closed (Until further notice).
  4. Refunds will only be made for canceled events. In the event that an event is postponed for reasons beyond ticketnauta's control, the places previously acquired will be respected, or it will be at the expense of the event organizer's decision. In any case, when an event is reimbursed, only the cost of the ticket will be reimbursed and not the commissions that these generate from sales.
  5. While TICKETNAUTA regrets the inconvenience caused by these circumstances, TICKETNAUTA will not be responsible for any cost or damage that may cause such cancellation or postponement of function. Similarly, the realization of events and functions for tickets sold to customers is entirely the responsibility of the organizers of the events and operators of the venue, TICKETNAUTA will not be responsible for the losses or damages caused to the customers of these events.
  6. Refunds will only be made for canceled events. In all cases when a ticket is refunded, only the cost of the ticket is refunded, not the commissions generated by the sale.

Acceptance of terms and conditions

Below you will find the terms and conditions that you accept by doing the following actions: By (i) signing up as a user, (ii) buying, purchasing or removing a ticket from an event of those published, taking into consideration the provisions of article 1803 Federal Civil Code, these Terms and Conditions are tacitly consented to in the understanding that in accordance with the aforementioned article "The consent may be express or tacit, for it will be to the following: I.- It will be expressed when the will manifests itself verbally, in writing, by electronic means, optical or any other technology, or by unequivocal signs, and II .- The tacit shall result from acts or acts that presuppose or authorize it to be presumed, except in cases where by law or by agreement the will must expressly express itself "So in the understanding that the only registration of your user will be sufficient for your consent s expressly, or by purchasing a ticket for an event, you will accept the terms and conditions tacitly.

1.- General

I. The present terms and conditions are applicable to all registered users, or to those users who, without being registered users, acquire through the Digital Platform a ticket for some of the events published by the Organizers (see Definitions). Ii. The terms and conditions may be modified, amended and / or repealed periodically without prior notice, the most recent version may be verified at www.ticketnauta.com/terminos also, TICKETNAUTA, will periodically send by e-mail a copy of the updated terms and conditions , which shall be deemed to have been accepted in accordance with the assumptions described. III. By simply being a user of the Digital Platform, you agree that by accessing our site you accept all the terms of privacy, security and regulations of TICKETNAUTA. In turn you state that you are of legal age and able to hire otherwise we request that you leave our site.

2.- Definitions

Digital Platform: refers to the portal and its contents hosted at www.TICKETNAUTA.com through which the service of sale of tickets by the Organizers to Buyers is facilitated for events of any nature. II. Contents: The copyright, trademarks, trade names, distinctive signs, illustrations, graphics, audio, clips, and / or video clips that appear on the Digital Platform. III. Registered users: Refers to people who have accepted the terms and conditions receive a username and password to access the Digital Platform in the form of Organizer and / or Buyer. The Purchaser shall be subject to the provisions of subsection v. From this section. IV. Organizer: To be referred to registered users who use the Digital Platform to sell tickets of events whose organization is under their order, Organizer can be a natural or moral person. V. Buyers: Refers to users who use the Digital Platform to purchase tickets from an event of any Organized where TICKETNAUTA will assign them a registered user that will only be activated at its discretion, however, it will be enough the purchase, purchase or reservation of a ticket for a user to be tacitly considered a Buyer and bound to the terms and conditions described herein. SAW. For the purposes of the previous supposition, (a) TICKETNAUTA will generate a document for download that must be signed by the Buyer and sent to the account hola@TICKETNAUTA.com (b) TICKETNAUTA reserves the right to stop the sale of tickets to the Buyer until (c) the Parties agree that the payment of the ticket may be considered as consent of the rights and obligations contained therein.

3.- Aceptación de los términos y condiciones

A. The Buyer accepts the terms and conditions contained herein in accordance with article 1803 of the Federal Civil Code B. Ticket purchase and relationship with the Organizers: TICKETNAUTA is not responsible for the organization of the events themselves that are in charge of the Organizer. The Buyer will have access to the Digital Platform where, having confirmed a purchase, acquisition or reservation for an event, a registered user will be able to be activated at its discretion, notwithstanding the above, the purchase, acquisition or reservation of a ticket is sufficient to give tacit consent to the terms and conditions of the Digital Platform. C. Forms of Payment by Buyers: The buyer may use as payment method to the Organizers that they have enabled in the event and can be paid by credit card , in Oxxo stores, paypal or in bank deposit in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. D. Payment: The Buyer for the use of the Digital Platform will not pay any consideration to TICKETNAUTA however, must cover the ticket price plus value added tax and, if applicable, the purchase commission that the Organizer designates the ticket. E. General. The Purchaser acknowledges that TICKETNAUTA is only an intermediary in the sale of the ticket and acts on behalf of the Organizer to collect the total amount of the ticket purchased including applicable taxes, in turn accepts that TICKETNAUTA will act as a sales agent and that nevertheless that TICKETNAUTA will facilitate the resolution of any claim, all refunds for canceled events will be borne by the Organizer, however TICKETNAUTA may act as an intermediary for the return. F. Billing: All invoices relating to the sale of tickets to Buyers (i) may be made directly by TICKETNAUTA on behalf of the Organizer, or (ii) the Organizer directly to Buyers. G. Service Limitations: The Service is limited to providing the tools and allowing the use of the Digital Platform and carrying out the tasks previously described; TICKETNAUTA is not a banking or financial institution and therefore none of the services contained herein must be understood as such. All operations carried out through TICKETNAUTA will be carried out in Mexico; TICKETNAUTA will accept operations in Mexican pesos and US dollars. H. The Buyer shall keep TICKETNAUTA harmless from any claim to the Organizers whether due to cancellation of the event, bad experience during the event, damages, damages and / or any other reason related to the services provided directly by the Organizer that could make him the subject of a lawsuit. I. Changes in the Service: TICKETNAUTA reserves the right to unilaterally change any term, condition, scope and / or feature of the service, the consent of the new terms and conditions will be confirmed if the Buyer does not notify TICKETNAUTA of the decline of acceptance of the new terms and conditions within a period of 5 business days from the issuance of the new terms and conditions.

4.- Terms and conditions of use

I. The Purchaser hereby receives a license to use the Digital Platform solely to navigate the pages of the Digital Platform for its own knowledge, to review information on events and advertising and, where appropriate, to buy tickets for the events of conformity with the service description. II. The user acknowledges that the use of the Digital Platform does not grant him any ownership rights over it, any of its elements or Content, nor any of the exploitation rights that exist or may exist on the Digital Platform or the Content. III. All Content is owned by TICKETNAUTA or third parties, without it being understood that the use or access to the Digital Platform, attribute to the user any right over them. IV. The contents and / or the Digital Platform can not be copied, reproduced, republished, sent, transmitted, transcribed, translated, stored, altered, downloaded or distributed in any medium invented or to be invented, or for any reason. V. The user undertakes not to use reverse engineering techniques, decompilation, or disassembly, nor can he modify, translate the Digital Platform, since it enjoys the protection that the laws and treaties of industrial and intellectual property establish. SAW. The Buyer undertakes not to use any robot, spider, automatic device, or manual processing to monitor or copy the Digital Platform or Contents. VII. The Buyer agrees not to use any type of apparatus, software or routine, existing or to be invented, that interferes with or impedes the proper functioning of the Portal. VIII. Any unauthorized use of the Digital Platform under these terms and conditions may have as consequences the penalties contained herein and those contemplated by the current legal framework. IX. TICKETNAUTA reserves the right to carry out the actions that by right correspond to it to verify the fulfillment of the Terms and Conditions. X. In the event that the Buyer violates the provisions of the terms and conditions and particularly this paragraph, shall indemnify TICKETNAUTA for all damages and losses that may be caused by virtue of the violation or non-compliance. XI. The contents and advice expressed in the Digital Platform should be understood as guidelines; so TICKETNAUTA does not respond in any way to the effectiveness or accuracy thereof, being exempt from any contractual or extracontractual liability with the Buyer.

5.- Obligations of buyer registration and Forms of Payment

I. To acquire a purchase ticket, users and registered users agree to provide true, accurate, current and complete information that in the case of users will be required when manifesting the option of purchase or reservation, while registered users will manifest it in the registration form of the site; if you provide any false, incomplete information or if TICKETNAUTA has reasonable grounds to suspect that such information is false, inaccurate or incomplete, you will have the right to suspend or terminate all your accounts and reject your current or future use of the services. As part of the registration process of the site and to simplify future purchases, the user will be able to choose between creating a registered user account or making the purchase without registering, notwithstanding the above, TICKETNAUTA will assign a user to all buyers that make purchases by means of the Digital Platform being at the discretion of these the activating the account must assign a password and user name. III. Buyer is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the password and account and is fully responsible without limitation of all activities that occur under his account, IV. The purchaser agrees to notify TICKETNAUTA immediately of any unauthorized use of his password or account or any other breach of security, and to ensure that he leaves his account at the end of each session. V. TICKETNAUTA shall not be liable for any loss, damage or liability arising from your breach of this section or from any unauthorized access or use of your account. SAW. In the event of any dispute arising between two or more parties in regard to account ownership, the purchaser agrees that TICKETNAUTA shall be the sole arbiter of such dispute and its decision shall be final and binding on all parties, and may include termination or suspension of any account subject to controversy. VII. Boletía is not responsible for cancellation of events, it is the responsibility of the Organizers to make the corresponding refunds; all sales are final and there will be no refunds to Buyers who do not attend the events and / or stop intending to attend an event for which they already purchased a ticket.

6.- Prices and Payments

I. The Price of the tickets will be the one published by the Organizers in the Subdomains (.TICKETNAUTA.com) corresponding to the organized event, plus the Value Added Tax and, if applicable, the commissions that the Event Organizers designate. II. For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, the Parties agree that all payments in connection with the purchase of tickets must be made by the Buyers in any of the payment models contemplated in these terms and conditions.

7.- Disclaimer, cancellation and refunds

I. TICKETNAUTA is not responsible for cancellation of events and / or it is the responsibility of the Buyers to validate the status of the events for which they purchased or purchase tickets. II. In the event of cancellation of events or events that are post dated, TICKETNAUTA, will contact the Buyers to inform the event in a period not exceeding 48 (forty eight) hours from the knowledge of the cancellation and / or change in the date of the event. III. TICKETNAUTA is not responsible for any cost, damage or prejudice that is caused by cancellation or postponement of events, all responsibility will be in charge of the Organizers and operators of the venue where the event was to be carried out IV. TICKETNAUTA will not be responsible for the losses or damages caused to the clients of the events. V. Upon a cancellation of event, TICKETNAUTA will do everything possible to facilitate the reimbursement of the cost to the Buyer.

8.- Taxes

All taxes that are generated by the use of the Digital Platform in relation to the purchase of tickets will be covered respectively by the party that gives rise to the generating fact.

9.- Obligations of the Buyer

I. The Buyer agrees that the terms and conditions confer rights and obligations on the part of TICKETNAUTA and the registered users Buyers in accordance with the specific clauses of these terms and conditions. II. The Buyer states that it recognizes the scope of these terms and conditions and that all information provided is true and that there are no legal impediments to hiring. III. The Buyer acknowledges that if for any reason it has provided false, inaccurate, outdated or incomplete information, TICKETNAUTA may unilaterally suspend or close the account as well as deny future use of the Service. IV. It is strictly forbidden to resell any Service that TICKETNAUTA provides in favor of the organizer and / or the sale of the username and / or subdomain.

10.- Account, passwords and security

I. TICKETNAUTA, will assign to all Buyers who are not registered users a User Name, it will be the responsibility of the Buyer to choose if he activates his account and designates a Password. II. The User Name and Password are used as identification in the system and are used to authenticate if the identity of the Buyer is correct. . III. For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, the Purchaser agrees to use his / her username and password as an equivalent to his / her autograph signature, so for all purposes, each time the Buyer formalises the purchase of tickets for an event through the use of your username and password will be formalized as the purchase purchase at the time of making the payment. IV. The user is responsible for all access to TICKETNAUTA.com with his User Password and Password so that any access that is made on behalf of the user and Password of the Buyer will be carried out by this one without prejudice that the access would have been made by a third party that it authorized. V. In the event that the Buyer activates its user account, it will have the responsibility of protecting and securing its User Password and Password. In the event that the Buyer has knowledge or believes that there has been any breach of security, such as the theft or unauthorized use of your User Password and Password, or any information from your account at TICKETNAUTA, you must notify TICKETNAUTA immediately.

11.- Datos Personales

Los datos proveídos serán tratados de conformidad con la Ley Federal de Protección de Datos Personales en Posesión de los Particulares y su reglamento, por lo anterior, al aceptar estos términos y condiciones aceptas nuestro Aviso de Privacidad. La confidencialidad de los datos está garantizada y los mismos están protegidos por medidas de seguridad administrativas, técnicas y físicas, para evitar su daño, pérdida, alteración, destrucción, uso, acceso o divulgación indebida. Únicamente personas autorizadas por las Partes tendrán acceso a sus datos. Toda la información será resguardada en el domicilio mencionado de cada Parte y los datos estarán a cargo de los firmantes.

12.- Subdominios asignados por TICKETNAUTA

I. El Comprador entiende que TICKETNAUTA es solamente un facilitador de la vinculación entre el Organizador y el, por lo que asume que : a. Por cada evento generado, TICKETNAUTA, asigna al Organizador un subdominio que siempre ira acompañado por .TICKETNAUTA.com, el nombre del subdominio es elegido por el Organizador y TICKETNAUTA no tiene injerencia en ello. II. El Organizador es el único responsable del contenido que incluya en el subdominio, por lo que el Comprador libera a TICKETNAUTA de cualquier responsabilidad por faltas e infracciones a las leyes; TICKETNAUTA, a discreción podrá solicitar y/o modificar sin previo aviso, el contenido de los subdominios si estos fueran en contra de los términos y condiciones, en el caso de que la modificación afecte el reconocimiento del evento por parte del Comprador en lo que se refiere a identificación de domicilios y fechas TICKETNAUTA deberá de informar al Comprador.

13.- Usos internacionales

Para todos los efectos cualquier uso que se le dé a la Plataforma Digital se tendrá por efectuado en territorio mexicano, cualquier uso fuera de la circunscripción territorial de la república Mexicana, será permitido, no obstante se tendrá como efectuada en este territorio.

14.- Modificación y suspensión del servicio

I. TICKETNAUTA se reserva el derecho a modificar en cualquier momento y sin previo aviso al usuario los Contenidos, imagen, información, configuración y en general cualquier parte o aspecto relacionado directa o indirectamente con la Plataforma Digital. II. TICKETNAUTA, sin previo aviso, podrá suspender el Servicio a los Compradores que hubieren violado los términos y condiciones. III. TICKETNAUTA no será responsable por la cancelación de eventos por parte del Organizador, será responsabilidad del Organizador el efectuar todos los reembolsos correspondientes pudiendo utilizar a TICKETNAUTA como intermediario para tales efectos.

15.- Propiedad

I. TICKETNAUTA y el Comprador se reconocen sus derechos de propiedad intelectual, toda la propiedad intelectual en relación a los eventos publicados por los Organizadores es propiedad de estos y TICKETNAUTA no asume responsabilidad de cualquier infracción generada por estos en la publicación de sus eventos, no obstante TICKETNAUTA maneja políticas de propiedad intelectual en donde se prohíbe la distribución y/o publicación total o parcial de contenidos protegidos por las leyes de propiedad intelectual aplicables. II. Todos los usuarios que acepten los términos y condiciones reciben una licencia, temporal y no exclusiva para utilizar la Plataforma Digital para los fines aquí descritos. La licencia que otorga TICKETNAUTA al Comprador será únicamente durante la duración aplicable a estos términos y condiciones.

16.- Causales de rescisión, Terminación y penas

I. Incumplimiento inherente a TICKETNAUTA.a. La falta de pericia en la realización de las tareas acordadas II. Incumplimiento inherente a el Compradora. La falta de pago y/o carencia de fondos en el modo de pago de los boletos, en el supuesto de que el modo de pago hubiera sido carente de fondos, el Comprador contará con un periodo de 5 días para subsanar el pago, si al transcurrir los 5 días no se hubiera efectuado el pago, el boleto quedará liberado para que otros Compradores lo adquieran. a. El proveer información falsa a TICKETNAUTA. b. El hacer uso de la Plataforma Digital para fines distintos a los contratados. III. No se considerará incumplimiento:a. Cualquier falla no reportada por parte del Comprador a TICKETNAUTA. IV. Ante el incumplimiento, la Parte afectada deberá de solicitar a la Parte que incumplió que subsane las omisiones, si en un periodo superior a 10 días no se ha dado inicio con las tareas que para subsanar la falla, los términos y condiciones podrán ser rescindido y la parte afectada podrá dar por concluido el Servicio.

17.- Impuestos

Las partes reconocen que todos los impuestos que se causen, originen o impongan por cumplimiento de los presentes Términos y Condiciones deberán de ser pagados por la parte que de conformidad con las leyes fiscales le corresponda.

18.- Vigencia

Las Partes acuerdan que estos Términos y Condiciones será por tiempo indeterminado pudiendo cambiar sus términos y condiciones de conformidad a lo mencionado en estos Términos y Condiciones. Las Partes acuerdan que por mutuo consentimiento podrán terminar los términos y condiciones siempre y cuando se cubran los adeudos correspondientes.

19.- Notificaciones

Todo aviso, solicitud, requerimiento, instrucción, consentimiento u otro tipo de comunicación dado o enviado en estos términos y condiciones, deberá de publicarse en el Sitio. Todos los avisos en relación al servicio prestado, términos y condiciones de uso deberán de ser enviados a ticketnauta@gmail.com, en lo que se refiere a notificaciones a los usuarios, Compradores y usuarios registrados TICKETNAUTA podrá notificarles en la cuenta de correo electrónico que hubieren designado (i) al hacer la compra, (ii) al crear un usuario registrado.

20.- Modificación y renuncias

Los términos y condiciones podrán ser modificados por TICKETNAUTA de forma unilateral y sin previo aviso.

21.- Cesión

Los términos y condiciones serán obligatorios para las partes. Las partes no podrán ceder total o parcialmente sus derechos, obligaciones o intereses establecidos en los términos y condiciones sin consentimiento previo.

22.- Totalidad de los Términos y Condiciones

Los presentes Términos y Condiciones constituyen un sólo acuerdo entre las partes en relación con las obligaciones aquí establecidas, acordando las partes en que el mismo sustituye a cualquier otro acuerdo, sea escrito, oral, o publicado en el Sitio con anterioridad por lo que en caso de contravención entre el mismo y los acuerdos anteriores prevalecerá el que aparezca como última publicación en el Sitio.

23.- Nulidad de Alguna de las Cláusulas:

Cualquier término, condición u obligación establecida en el presente acuerdo que sea nula o no exigible en alguna jurisdicción será solamente nula o no exigible para dicha jurisdicción sin afectar la validez o ejercicio del resto de las obligaciones aquí establecidas o la validez o ejercicio de las mismas en otra jurisdicción. Así mismo en el caso en que alguna cláusula en parte de su contenido resulte nula, el resto de las obligaciones ahí contenidas se considerarán válidamente acordadas.

24.- Renuncias no Implícitas

Las partes acuerdan que en caso de que alguna de ellas renuncie a cualquiera de los derechos o beneficios de los que son titulares en virtud de lo establecido en los términos y condiciones lo deberá de hacerlo por escrito. Así mismo la renuncia que haga cualquiera de las partes a los beneficios o derechos a que se haga mención no se considerará como renuncia para los demás beneficios o derechos que se deriven de los términos y condiciones y a los que no se ha hecho renuncia expresa. No obstante, lo anterior ningún retraso o demora en el ejercicio de los derechos o beneficios derivados de los presentes términos y condiciones por alguna de las partes se considerará como renuncia a los mismos.

25.- Encabezados

Los encabezados de las cláusulas de estos términos y condiciones son incorporados al mismo sólo por conveniencia para su mejor manejo, pero de ninguna manera se considerarán como parte de los términos y condiciones ni afectarán las obligaciones en él contenidas.

26.- Negocios Diversos

Las partes reconocen que estos términos y condiciones no les confiere algún privilegio, derecho o facultad sobre los demás negocios que respectivamente tengan las partes, sino únicamente aquellos derechos y obligaciones específicamente previstos bajo estos términos y condiciones. Atento a lo anterior, ningunas de las partes podrá alegar o exigir mayores derechos a su favor diversos a lo expresamente establecido respectivamente bajo los documentos antes precisados.

27.- Leyes Aplicables y Jurisdicción

Las partes convienen que para todos los efectos relacionados con la interpretación, ejecución y cumplimiento de estos términos y condiciones se someten expresamente a las leyes aplicables y a la jurisdicción de los tribunales competentes de la ciudad de Mexicali, Baja California, México renunciando expresamente a cualquier otro fuero que por razón de sus domicilios presentes o futuros o por cualquier otra causa, pudiera corresponderles.